Anna Ramatha Malibirr

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Anna Ramatha Malibirr. My date of birth is 24 January 1987. I was born in Gapuwiyak where the old hospital used to be. My mother is Lucy Malirrimurruwuy Wanapuyngu and my father is Ian Wurruwul Malibirr. My subsection is Yirritja and my skin name is Gutjan. Nancy and Lucy taught me how to weave baskets when I came to Gapuwiyak. I grew up and went to school here in Gapuwiyak until I was 17 years old. I weave baskets, mats and string bags and also I can collect seeds to make necklaces. I have one boy name Ryan Munungurr who was born in May 2005.