Cassandra Gray

Arts Ceduna

Cassandra Gray was born in Ceduna, South Australia in 1972. Born and raised as part of both the Wirangu and Kokatha language groups, Cassandra lived in Koonibba, roughly 30 kilometers heading west from Ceduna, growing up as a young child with her Grandparents. Cassandra has been living back home at Koonibba during 2017-2020, prior to this she lived in Berri South Australia. Cassandra has been painting for the past thirty six years. Starting out as a hobby painting while she was attending school she soon excelled from there on. Cassandra enjoys producing paintings and also murals mainly found in Berri S.A. she has recently produced artworks for the local Koonibba community where she is living. Her main medium is acrylic on canvas, but she also paints on different surfaces and mediums such as metal, wooden panels, and plant pots. Cassandra’s techniques, seen throughout all her artworks are both landscapes, dots, brush strokes. She likes capturing both the land and its animals found in the area (hairy nose wombat, wedge tail eagles, wild turkey, kangaroos, blue tongue sleepy lizards -Guldas). Cassandra also is known to paint whales found at the head of the bight also all the sea-creature like king George whiting and other fish found in Ceduna. Cassandra has a few Art mentors who inspired her during her art career.