Derek Larranda Wanapyungu

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Derek Larranda Wanapuyngu. I was born in Gove Hospital in 1979. I grew up in Gapuwiyak and spent my teenage years in the homeland of Dhoyndji. At Mirrngatja I finished school and came back to Gapuwiyak to be taught more ceremonial knowledge from my older brother Roy Ashley. He is an important law man and famous for his paintings and singing. Later I started working in the housing department building houses and doing maintenance. I have two children with my wife Dhaparra. They go to school in Mapurru homeland.

Some of my older brothers like Djardi Ashley are famous artists. I am still young and following in their footsteps. When I paint I am following my Wagilak songlines. My paintings are telling the true stories for the Wagilak and our land, so people can recognise us. I also paint to leave a legacy for our children.