Helen Djaypila Guyula

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Helen Djaypila Guyula I was born in Arnhem Land in 1956 near Buckingham Bay. I learnt to weave by watching my mother. She used to weave baskets and made other things like string bags and other fibre works. My husband is a land owner for this community. He also helps me in many different ways; collecting pandanus and dyes, helping me with dyeing pandanus, mixing colours, how to make red, yellow, brown and purple. Most of all I love weaving baskets in many different shapes and sizes. I can make string bags too or mats in many different colours. Also I can paint and draw my own design. I come from the tribe of Liyadhaliymirr Djambarrpuyngu and my clan group is Guyula. My subsection (skin name) is Galigali and my Moiety is Dhuwa. My totem is Dolphin and the Green Sea Turtle. My dreamings are two sisters that roam from the East to the West.