Jason Mungunbatjiwuy Marrkula

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Jason Marrkula i am the traditional owner for  Gapuwiyak tribe and my family clan is marrkula my skin  is gudjuk and my moiety is yirritja. I like to share my culture with people through my art  or by taking them to my land i share my dreams my stories with my mind and with my heart so people can learn about the land, the birds  the nature and our culture. This is really important for me.

I learned how to paint and make carvings with my father and my brother Andrew Marrkula  I do bark paintings,  carvings, yidaki (didgeridoo) and ceremonial poles. I usually represent my totems the diving bird and a cat fish.

I go out bush to collect the  right wood for each art object I love  being in the bush I can relax listen to the birds and the trees, they tell me stories about my  land. Out bush  I feel free and connected to everything.  Sometime   I go  with my partner Audrey and I  help her collecting pandanus leaves and colors for dying them. We take our children too so they can learn with us about everything. It is our mission to pass on the knowledge to the next generation.