Josephine Lennon

Arts Ceduna

Josephine Lennon was born in 1972 in Port Augusta, a city 500 kilometers West of Adelaide, South Australia. Currently living in Ceduna South Australia, Josephine participates in the local Community Development Programme’s Creative Arts Program. Based at Arts Ceduna, situated in the Ceduna Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre, Josephine also practices painting from home, working actively as a consignment artist. Her unique style and use of methods include the careful application of fine lines and dots that is represented in Aboriginal art. Working with mainly acrylic paints and on pre-primed canvas, Josephine also enjoys applying acrylics on different materials, such as wooden boards, but another interest is painting ceramics. Josephine is an acclaimed and award-winning artist, producing artworks that address themes of Country and the unique environments, vegetation, and animals that inspire her, such as Sturt Desert Peas, Paper Daisies, bush tucker, whales, fire, wind, and the salt lakes. Josephine learned arts practice during school, but her older sister, mother, and grandmother remain her biggest inspiration. Josephine also appreciates the influence of another mentor, Pam Diment, a potter by trade for more than 40 years, who previously coordinated Arts Ceduna for a ten-year period. Josephine has accomplished significant recognition for her work. During her career, she was awarded the prestigious Don Dunstan art prize at the 2016 ‘Our Mob’ Aboriginal art exhibition. In 2019 she was awarded Runner-up in the Port Augusta Malka Aboriginal Art Prize, and in the same year she was also awarded Runner-up in the Port Lincoln Art Prize. Josephine’s key inspiration is keeping her Culture and Language alive through her art. Her unique stories and themes captured in her artworks come from her Mirning and Antikirinjara family, and her connection to Country, land, and sea, is reinforced through her art.