Joylene Haynes

Arts Ceduna

Joylene Haynes was born in 1942 in and was under the government protection acts (stolen Generation) until she turned 18 years old. She attended school in Mount Hope. Practicing as an artist at Arts Ceduna, she enjoys experimenting with different mediums such as acrylic and oil paints, graphite pencils, impasto, light painting, and pastels (oil and chalk). During her long and vivid life journey Joylene has accumulated fascinating life and work experiences, from working as a nurses aid, opal miner, community welfare worker in Aboriginal education, working for the Umoona Aboriginal community, to owning and managing her own pizza shop in Katherine in the Northern Territory. Joylene completed her school education until Grade 7, whereafter she attended the Aboriginal Community College in North Adelaide and later through the Underdale campus in Torrensville, South Australia. She also studied theology for 3 years at the Adelaide College of Ministries. As a Gugada/Kokatha and Mirning Elder, Joylene invested her artistic vision and talent in many local arts projects in her community in Ceduna. She completed a series of arts works at the Ceduna Area School, Ngura Yadurirn Child and Family Centre and for the Ceduna Regional Council. Joylene’s paintings are contemporary interpretations of Culture, Country and Place, often representing intricate cartographies that are reinterpreted through geometrical shapes, use of line and dot painting. In addition, Joylene presented her artworks in numerous noteworthy group exhibitions, such as the annual Our Mob exhibition that is presented at Art Space in Adelaide and in which she exhibited actively from 2007-2012. She also participated in numerous group exhibitions at Red Poles in McLaren Vale, South Australia, between 2007 and 2013. She participated in the Waterhouse Natural History art prize at the Adelaide Museum of South Australia and the Port Lincoln Art Prize. Her work was also selected for the prestigious group exhibition titled Making Tracks: A Glimpse at Two Decades of Aboriginal Art in South Australia, which was showcased at Tandanya ATSI Cultural Centre in Adelaide in 2009.