Lesley Wininingu

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Lesley Wininingu Guyula. My date of birth is 10 March 1958. I was born at Galiwinku. My mother is Yalwidika and my father is Djokamawuy. I am from the Liyadhalinymirr Djambarrbuyngu clan. I started to work in the Culture and Arts Centre in September 2009, I was so happy because I knew about myself, that I am a weaver and artist. I saw my mother weaving but I didn’t weave because I had to go school at Shepherdson College on Elcho Island and learn more English and get a good education. When I was 20 years of age I finished school, and I went to look for work. In 1976 I got married to Timothy and we have three boys who are all adults now. In 2001 we moved to Lake Evella. One day my sister Helen Djaypila came to see me and told me about some ladies going out collecting pandanus and dyes. I didn’t feel like going out in the bush collecting pandanus and dyes, because I didn’t know much about this place and where they get pandanus and dyes. But my sister said, “ I will show you where we get pandanus and dyes from”. So one day we drove off to get pandanus and dyes. I was so interested I started making baskets and mats and now I can weave and paint my own design. I can paint hollow log, draw dolphin, fish and turtle.