Margaret Bambalara Bidingal

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My parents are Banguyga and Wurruwul 1. I am Bangaditjan and I am Yirritja. Mary Djarrdjarrminybuy Birritjama and Nancy Walinyinawuy Guyula taught me how to do basket weaving. My totems are Emu (Wurrpan) and Spangled Drongo (Guwak)  I love weaving basket and other fibre works. My mother’s bapurru is Liyagawumirr. Her totem is Olive Python (Witij). As a little girl I use to watch my mum and other relatives doing lots of weaving, hunting and gathering bush food from rivers and billabongs. As I grew up I watched and did my practice weaving with my two sisters Marathuwarr and Birrkinbirrkin. My sisters have shown me how to dye many different colours of fibre pandanus.