Nancy Walinyinawuy Guyula

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts

My name is Nancy Walinyinawuy Guyula I was born 1st of July, 1940. My language is Djambarrpuygu and my clan group is Guyula. My parents are Warrnyiny Warryiny and Minyipirriwuy. My subsection is Bilinydjan and my moiety is Dhuwa. I learnt to weave when I used to sit with other ladies. Mrs. Sheppy and other ladies used to sit under the shady trees and start weaving. Other ladies are already passed away. Years went by and in 1970 I came to Gapuwiyak and now I am staying at my outstation, Bunungura near the barge landing. I am still weaving and making baskets, bulpu (dilly bag) and other fibre works.