Sherrie Jones

Arts Ceduna

Sherrie Jones was born in Perth, Western Australia, but moved to Carnarvon with her family where she lived until she was ten years old. She then moved to Coober Pedy in South Australia where she did her early schooling. Sherrie completed her high school at Port  Lincoln, whereafter she went back to Western Australia. Inspired by her father and grandfather, she started painting mainly with acrylic paint during her high school years. Her family, from Mirning, Wirangu, Yindjibarndi, and Yamitji groups, passed down stories to her and so they had an important influence on her artwork. Her father was a visual arts teacher at Carnarvon High School in Western Australia. She has learned different ways of doing art and telling her stories through her arts from her Cultures, including different rules and customs, and so Sherrie predominantly paints stories from Country, mapping the Country, vegetation, and different plant species that are used during inma (dance), for healing purposes and ceremony. Being a proud mother of four children, Sherrie hopes that her artwork will influence their lives as her stories will also be passed down to them. As an inspirational arts worker at Arts Ceduna, and a multitalented and experimental artist, Sherrie practices and teaches multiple art forms, including painting, pottery, basket weaving, textiles and artefact making.