Desert Tribes, 2016


  • 200cm x 200cm
  • 2016
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Catalog No: 3778095-152-16
  • This painting is a map of all the tribes from the different states of Australia. Wally explains there is a men’s story and a women’s story of travelling and coming together for ceremony and sharing Women came from the East; Man came from the West. The story is about two men (wati liru), one younger and one older. The older wati wants to take the younger wati to teach and guide him on traditions that were passed down from his elders. The younger watis Aunty saw that the older wati was interested to take him, but she continued to go about her tasks which was collecting eggs for her family. When the aunty wasn’t looking the older wati took the young man with him to begin his teaching. Once the aunty realised her nephew was missing, she saw the tracks, left all her babies, and followed the tracks to the waterhole. She saw the both of them painting each other and throwing sand. She got wild, ran up and hit the old man and took her nephew away. The people from the West and the people from the North have the same songline. The North people said no when asked to join did not want to join for ceremony they were doing their own thing.
  • Artworks $1000 and Above Canvas Painting
  • Arts Ceduna