Gudurrku (Brolga), 2021


  • 40cm x 40cm
  • 2021
  • Acrlic on canvas
  • Catalog No: 1077-21-431
  • Back in the creation times Gudurrku was flying around looking for food. Guduurku flew high and could smell and see food from a long way away. When Gudurrku saw or smelt food he flew down low and found that food by a billabong or in the swamp. All the way from Rirratjingu country in the east, Gudurrku flew west stopping at different waterholes and swamps along the way. At Dhurrupitjpi there is a Milmindjarrk, a water hole made by the Djangkawu sisters on their travels across the country with their walking sticks creating and naming places. Gudurrku also stopped at places like Dulmubandany near Gapuwiyak, then on to Nanggalala near Ramingining and then further west to Murrungun country and then to Gurrundul past Maningrida. In Gurundul he had only one leg. When there is a funeral for Dhuwa people the Gudurrku song line will be sung and danced during the ceremony.
  • Painting on canvas
  • Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts