Mukarr turtle story, 2018


  • 70cm x 60cm
  • 2018
  • Ghost net and Pandanus fibre
  • Catalog No: 1077
  • There were three Mukarr (Turtle Ancestors) at Guykadala. They were good hunters and they said "lets go and hunt turtle". One threw his spear and he looked up and saw a cloud in the shape of a Miyapunu (turtle) in the direction of Mirrngatja. He said to the other two I'm going in the direction of the spear. The spear landed and grew into a Warraga (cycad palm). The spear he threw near Mirrngatja was a Dindi spear. The Miyapunu (green turtle) changed into a Madalatj (freshwater short necked turtle ).

  • Fibre Art Ghost Net Sculpture Weaving
  • Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts