Baluk Arts

Palm Fibre Sculpture with feather, 2021


  • 21cm x 24cm
  • 2021
  • Palm inflorescence, Emu Feathers
  • Catalog No: 56-91-21
  • "This piece was created as we re-emerged from Covid, for me this weave is like an awakening, spending so much time locked away its time to wake up. On another leave this weave is about awakening my belief in self, putting aside all the mundane daily life and just spending sometime time alone and re-awakening me. When I weave a piece, I might start off with an image in mind, but quickly the materials take over, it’s like the materials talk to me and what they want to be. The palm inflorescence have been gathered from my local community. Most of the time the inflorescence are just thrown away, I love that I have been able to give them new life." Juanita M
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