Baluk Arts

Past, Present and Future, 2019


  • 13cm x 26cm x 11cm
  • 2019
  • Feathers, possum fur, cotton string and cotton fabric
  • Catalog No: 56-1020-19
  • Past, Present, Future is inspired by Lisa's ancestors and family. Past details the learning from her Ancestors and the appreciation of what they have gone through to create foundations to where she is now. Present is the place where Lisa is now, protected by the past and the future yet to emerge. The future is knowing the strength of the past to pass on to Lisa's children for a future of knowing who they are, deeply rooted with pride of their ancestors. Lisa Waup received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from RMIT University, and developed an affinity with Melanesian culture through her experience of living in Papua New Guinea. Lisa’s work is usually made of many layers or pieces that symbolise layers of history and story, and her stitching symbolises reattaching the fragments. Lisa works with paper, three dimension works, and has developed a distinctive weaving practice. Lisa is an artist, and curator and has been working at Baluk Arts since 2012 as a Program Coordinator.  Lisa is a descendant from the Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as having Italian heritage. Materials: Feathers, possum fur, cotton string and cotton fabric
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