Baluk Arts

Tapping into Identity, 2015


  • 13cm x 6cm
  • 2015
  • Emu Feathers, Parrot Feathers, Tapa Cloth, Shells and 100% Red Cotton
  • Catalog No: 56-226-15
  • Tapping Identity is created  from Tapa Cloth, Emu and Parrot Feathers and Shells. Tapa cloth is made out of bark fibre found in specific trees, which are softened and pounded into sheets of cloth. The tapa making tradition is found all across Oceania, and highly renowned from certain provinces in Papua New Guinea. This basket shows the connections that Lisa shares with Papua New Guinea. It remains a strong presence in her children's lives, being their land of birth which is represented as the essence of this piece and connecting to cultural identity. The shells symbolise Lisa's connection to the ocean and the ancestral travel routes that connects her to the lands and sea. 13 cm d (6 cm top) x 6.5 cm h
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